Essential Guide to Personal Document Organization

In the quest for an orderly home, one of the toughest categories to tackle is your home filing organization.  After all, some of the best clutter-busting advice out there is to let go of things you don’t love and to stop hanging on to items that you might need for a rainy day (but probably […]

New Year’s Resolution Makeovers: Resolutions for Your Home

The New Year’s Resolution Routine The impending New Year holiday wouldn’t be complete without stressing over the best party to go to and loads of people asking you what your “resolutions” are for January 1st. If you’re like most us, you answer on autopilot, and include at least a couple of the most common resolutions […]

Festivity Fever: Decorations Gone Wild

We’ve all heard the stories – and maybe even lived them.The well-meaning family member who’s gunning for the title! S/he loves Christmas and wants everyone to know it! Sparing no expense, and using as many lights as it takes, to turn the home into THE most amazing, magical, over-the-top winter wonderland of them all! What’s […]

UPS Giving Bins: Inspired by the Season of Giving

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill The holiday season is fast upon us, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. There are year-end goals at work, shopping to be done, holiday parties every other day, and plans for our own family celebrations. And NO […]

Top 5 Scenarios to Use Storage On-Demand

The New Trend in Self Storage The new wave of “valet” personal storage has moved the industry into the 21st Century. As more people look to streamline stuff, downsize homes, share the costs of transport, and lower environmental footprints, the growth of this full-service storage model makes great sense. On-demand storage starts by tailoring to […]

Finding Help Saves Stress when Clearing out the Family Home

Emptying Your Parents House There’s really no way to sugarcoat it. The decline and death of your elderly parents is one of the saddest times of life. According to one of the best-known stress assessment tools*, it’s also among the top five most stressful events we’ll ever face. Beyond the mountain of emotions to process, […]

Big City Living is Short on Space

Clutter-free Dreams By now, you’re surely well-versed in the trends of minimalism and downsizing taking hold of our culture. You pretty much can’t browse the web, a magazine stand, or even Netflix without a wave of information on Tiny Houses, clean lines, and living small. Many of us have streamlined our belongings, computer files, and […]

Put Safety First when Selecting Self Storage Solutions

Living Large while Living Small You’ve got your career going strong, and are finally living in your own cool digs in the city. Congrats!Now if you only had another closet (or two) for all your extra stuff! City life is totally worth it – the close proximity to work, friends, food and culture is exhilarating. […]

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